HAVIKA HAVIKA-Values: Competence, Added Value, Capabilities
Office building, No. 6, Schumannstrasse, Berlin, Schumannsches Palais, Portal

Service Standards

HAVIKA is a professional real estate asset management company that handles all segments of the business from A to Z. We provide integrated value chain management with large and diversified investment and development packages both for national or international, private or institutional investors. We always receive an exceptionally high return on capital invested.

HAVIKA value chain management includes:

  • Realization of the appreciation potential
  • Reduction of costs
  • Maximization of returns
  • Increase in marketability

HAVIKA stands for competence, resources and value creation, providing full service, from the acquisition and management of real estate through the development and implementation of targeted revenues and value enhancement to the profitable sale of properties. As a well-coordinated team of experienced specialists, we are efficient, cost conscious and success orientated. Our achievements are measured against our aim to meet all cost, quality and schedule demands without cutting any corners.