HAVIKA HAVIKA-Values: Competence, Added Value, Capabilities
Business lofts - Edison-Höfe, Schlegelstrasse/Chaussestrasse/Invalidenstrasse, Berlin, Front


The HAVIKA Gesellschaft für Grundbesitzmanagement mbH (association for property management with limited liability) was founded in 1999 in Germany's financial center, Frankfurt am Main, and moved to Berlin in 2004. Active throughout Germany, the company profits from the capital's unique characteristics.

Berlin has an abundance of young, dynamic and creative workers: people who create ideas, start trends and shape the future. What happens in Berlin today influences the entire German real estate and investment market of tomorrow.

Germany's dynamic capital is the perfect location for the HAVIKA team, with its comprehensive services and established know-how in all classes of real estate. We help shape the market. Nation wide.