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Office Villa, No 54, Schönbecker Strasse, Magdeburg Office Villa, No. 54, Schönbecker Strasse, Magdeburg Office Villa, No 54, Schönbecker Strasse, Magdeburg

Revitalization (Restoration)

An interesting alternative to building new structures is the modification of existing structures in established urban environments. Through systematic revitalization we convert economically inefficient structures to fit contemporary demands of urban life and modern work arrangements. In this way existing infrastructures can be activated and new ones do not need to be created. The measures needed for revitalization are often the same as those for new structures - particularly if the building is renovated down "to its core".

The Edison-Höfe before and after revitalization

Lofts at the Edison-Höfe

Office Villa in Magdeburg

HAVIKA possesses extensive practical knowledge in finding appropriate buildings or groups of buildings and realizing their successful revitalization. We do not shun the demands of restoration: on the contrary, together with architects, engineers and other parties involved, we come up with popular solutions. There is a particular appeal to successfully combining innovative flexible office organization or state of the art residential comforts with the stylish atmosphere of historical structures.