HAVIKA HAVIKA-Values: Competence, Added Value, Capabilities

Investment properties:

  • Office and commercial buildings
  • Apartment buildings
  • Development gaps
  • Plots for project development

We are not interested in co-ownerships according, for example, to the German WEG law or owner inhabited properties (such as amusement parks, hospitals, nursing homes, etc.).

Minimum project size:

The project volume should be at least 5 million Euros

Selection criteria for properties:

The properties should be rentable at a sustainable level and located in good urban neighborhoods or those capable of being developed. We are not concerned with the current condition of the properties, but rather whether or not they have a medium or long term development potential, for example through revitalization, changes in lease structures, conversion, extension, etc. These properties can also include inner city development projects.

Possible investment locations in the order of preference:

a) Berlin

Your property offers:

Your property offerings will naturally be dealt with confidentially. In the case of realtor offerings, we assume that these individuals act on behalf of the property owners.

In order to provide you with the quickest possible response, we ask that you provide us with explicit offers, including images and exact location and address information, as well as a list of rental units with size, rental income, lease duration and current vacancy rate.